To The Music That Got Us Through

Music. It’s something that everyone, for the most part, can relate to. I know you have heard this cleche time and time again, “This band changed my life.”

Well, I won’t draw it out longer than it needs to be drawn out. Tonight I am going to see Machine Head open their first U.S. Tour in four years… at Summit music Hall in Denver, CO. I feel like this is something special, as it is also my oldest son’s 16th birthday. When I was 15, Machine Head had changed the way I listened to music. It was when I had my life start to challenge me when I was 16 that it started to really influence me. It was that rebellious sound I needed to get past my teenage angst. They were my gateway metal (next to Fear factory) to what I would remember as the best days of Roadrunner Records. Man, those were the days.

Some of my fondest memories have been going to some sort of a Machine Head show. I remember pulling my buddy out of a fierce circle pit when they hit the main stage at the innagural Ozzfest. He was holding his own until this Godzilla of a man planted a swift forearm to my friends eyebrow. Thus how he earned the nickname through high schoool as Quasimoto. It seemed like they never stopped touring from the tme Burn My Eyes dropped until the finale of The Burning Red days.

Since then, it seems The More Things Change… it has become something I now also share with my new friends. Through The Ashes Of Empires was the beginning of the new era of ‘tradition’, where we look forward to enjoying the sounds of a struggle anyone can relate to. The struggle to dig down deep inside and overcome any of the obsticles life tends to deal out to you. And it has carried us this far, no matter whom our advasary was.

Tonight, 18 years later I go to just enjoy the show. No mosh pits. No getting smashed. Just another night out with the band that has been there as I grew up. Tonight will be homage to The Blood, The Sweat, The Tears… and let it be the beginning to another night of epic metal. Thank you, Rob and Band (past and present), for making metal that seems to strike the soul. Something real in an artificial world of swagger and hooks. Something abrasive, yet accessible. I tip my hat to you and look forward to another fantastic show.

One of your many friends at shows,
Christopher Jack


About insipidphenom

I live in Colorado, and have my own perspective on life. I guess that makes me just like everyone else. With that being said... Hello, my friend.
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