Disappropriated delegation of marbles and good ideas

There has been something in my life I have been searching for. IT’s the one thing that I feel has always left me empty inside, even though I have always tried to fill this vessel with as much life as possible at all times. Not the typical filling or toppings you may prefer on our dessert, but still enough to make it quite a unique delicacy. You see, my name is Christopher Jack… and I have been a wanderer that was never lost all my life.

I guess I first noticed that the boy died when I was really young and forced to fend for all I could because I was a runt. I was that goose that would one day try to grow into a duck, only to be let down time and time again. This still holds some truth to this day. All I ever wanted is to find all the pieces to the puzzle. Even though there is only a couple of pieces left, why is it they never seem to fit?

Maybe it’s the way I am looking at the finished product. The mirror only reflect what it wants you to see. I know that when he smiles at me, he is thinking about burning it all down and letting the ashes fly into the sky. Facing the clouds, he wants to let it all rain down on his face while he stands above the cinders and proclaims himself a new man. I walk away content with the life I have tried to build for myself in the wae of all this circumstance.

Does he want to have what he sees on the other side? I know there are most certainly some time I do. I want to burn it all to the ground, and watch the lost scream beneath my feet as I can feel the soothing touch of life fall upon my shattered dreams. All I ever wanted to be, and all I could never hold on to, has defined me more than any practical influence that has been laid upon my dinner plate. Just because I eat it doesn’t mean I like it.

I think it is time for me to remove myself from the eyes of those that want to watch me fall. I need to cross over and see through the eyes of myself when I die. To take this shell of what is still to be and make it represent something glorious. To prove the dawn will break through the blackest night, and that I will rise just as sure as the sun. You can never take what the reflection knows to be the truth, and I can only help you look into the eyes of the one that stands before you. It’s up to you to touch the cold palm of yourself and crossover to the side no one wanted you to know was there….


About insipidphenom

I live in Colorado, and have my own perspective on life. I guess that makes me just like everyone else. With that being said... Hello, my friend.
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