Sometimes the Triangle fits in the Circle…

So many things seem to get overlooked when one goes through a moment of self-reflection. You hear all the time how all one had to do to really get a grasp on things was to sit and do a little soul-searching. Reflecting upon all those things that are what make you what you have become. From there, changes can be made accordingly. Yet, most of never really face that demon that stands in front of our progress. That one thing that keeps us from being a Person, and holds us in this state of being Human.

I believe that there is a divine difference between the two; Humans and People. All of us are born Human. A species that was given the gift of life from something that is for another time. Something that has been delivered to figure out what is next. What more it can become… and all this in just a fraction of the time it took to become what we are today. Us in our most basic form of being.Able to comprehend, think, and discover. To reach for new heights. Following our ideas and dreams of a better, more convenient, tomorrow.

A funny thing about Humans is that they like to draw lines to form a controlled reality. It’s clear as night and day, with just a little afternoon in the middle to be enjoyed by all. Black and white, with just that one finger smudge of grey connecting the two across the page. Just enough to make us all believe we are able to blur those lines, and do as we want. And because of the way it is presented to us, it calls for others to step in and try to make yo look the other way while they make those blurs look as if they were there all along. Only this time, there is a hint of death hidden in there, and the smell of patriotism and glory hide it very well.

Then you have those that think they are fighting to forward the species by stirring up the pot. The self-righteous that think their trouble they cause is for the greater good. Causing more fear and terror to be spread, all because they are too stupid to realize they only reinforce the system they are fighting by giving the system a purpose to exist. You give them the power to enforce a police state. To keep them moving forward by holding YOU back. While the majority still sits and watches it all through their televisions. Sitting in the front room, pretending that everything is good in their world. Those of us that are awake know that their smiles are only there because they are laughing at how well they think they are fooling everyone else.

I think finding a place in the smudge to build a life is a good place to start. Death comes in many other colors, and sometimes it can even be the right thing that needs to be done. Instead of being mad because the father steals bread to feed his family, be happy you are eating dinner tonight. If everyone looked at all sides of the Flower Of Life, and realized we are all part of a Unified Field, the father wouldn’t have to steal to begin with. Until we find the next shape and space to fill, we will only keep repeating ourselves forever. Why else do you think everything in your life runs in cycles? Seasons, time, human behaviors, habits, ect…?

I’m just saying…


About insipidphenom

I live in Colorado, and have my own perspective on life. I guess that makes me just like everyone else. With that being said... Hello, my friend.
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