All That Jazz… My first post

I’m sitting here waiting for dinner and decided it was time to just sit down and start doing this WordPress thing. I mean, I haven’t posted ANYTHING on it until now… which is fine. The chances of this being read by anyone before I actually write something I feel was worth putting into visible, and viable, subject matter on the web is slim to none. Then again, who knows…?

I’ve been pondering a lot lately. It seems as if my journey has come full circle. I feel more humbled now that ever. I attribute this to my recent visit to my Grandmother’s house. It was such an eye opener, and really nice to pretty much pick up right where I left off so many years ago. Maybe that was the purpose I have been looking for all the time. Maybe this is what I was supposed to see. Meh… I guess the not so distant future will be the only testament of what was to be.

So, I guess I need to figure out the rest of this WordPress layout thing. Figure out if I need room for widgets. Maybe link a feed to my FB or G+ account. IDK. I guess you can tell I’m just really starting to focus on dinner almost being here…


About insipidphenom

I live in Colorado, and have my own perspective on life. I guess that makes me just like everyone else. With that being said... Hello, my friend.
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